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Опубликовал: Феликс Каспаринский 03.09.2012
3D medical animation clip produced by virtual point of biological proc...
Старение и смерть
3D medical animation clip produced by virtual point of biological process.
The purpose of Ninapharm's researches is to offer an "Anti-Aging Protection" package based on antioxidants. The idea is to determine several diseases directly linked to antioxidants deficiencies and to offer a package which is only based on vegetal or fruit plant extracts and combines different actives that provides the right solution for a Anti-Ageing process.
ADS is dissolved quickly in the stomach and absorbed through the small intestine.
ADS is channeled through the blood to reach the body cells across the cell membrane, crosses the mitochondria double membrane and attacks the free radicals and reduces them.
ADS activates the antioxidant enzyme SOD.
Antioxidant efficacy at cellular level protection and re-generation of the mitochondria through an innovative amphiphilic compound ADS.
3D Video clip produced by Virtual Point Multimedia.

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